Reusable Produce Goodie Bags - 3 Pack

Reusable Produce Goodie Bags - 3 Pack


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Reusable mesh Goodie Bags. The uses are endless! 

  • They weigh only 16gms
  • Stretchy mesh to fit 3kg
  • Durable, strong and washable fabric - tested by Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Drawstring close, accessory climbing cord is strong enough to hang items
  • Industrial thread, sewn so these bags will last you for years and years.
  • The three bags are the same size 24cm x 28cm or (9” x 11”).

MANY USES: These bags are also incredibly versatile. Our customers use Goodie Bags to wash, scrub and store their produce - as well as make cheeses and nut milks, wash delicates, organise clothing when travelling or hiking, store toys or craft goods - the possibilities are endless.

TESTED: The individual components chosen for our Goodie Bags have been carefully tested and chosen for their sustainability and ability to last for a very long time. Able to withstand regular washing to maintain hygiene which is essential in any reusable items you choose. You can feel the difference when you use a Goodie Bag and put it to the test through all the various other ways we use our bags each week.

Fruit and vege
Nut milk
Packing cells
Washing herbs and shake dry
Storing kids change of clothes
Lingerie bag
Storing lego
Nappies and wipes in handbag
Snacks on the go
Bulk buying nuts and grains
Little lids etc in the dishwasher
Underwear and socks in the wash
Bath toys
Squeezing liquid -potato, zucchini, ricotta
Colourful gift bags
Drying herbs
Pop in ends of soap bars to loofah
Toiletry bag
Saving fabric scraps
Storing bulbs; electronics - chargers, headphones; storing golf balls; lunchbag; collecting pipi's; emergency goods; groovy pencil case; holding pegs on washing line; car travel aka boredom buster kits; beach toys.......