"Earth Mama was inspired by my own journey through life, love, travels and motherhood.  

Personally, I do not use plastic in my own life and was determined to not use plastic for my child. Therefore, I became committed to searching the globe, to source more and more non-toxic and Earth Friendly alternatives.

Products that have not only been tried and tested and approved within our own family but most importantly products that are safe for our children, safe for their Mama and kind to Mother Earth.


 Thank you for joining me on this journey." 

Earth Mama NZ

 Earth Mama



  "Cindy, your love for nature and passion for the Earth has been evident to us from a young age. I distinctly remember you initiating a beach cleanup at the notorious '29th' end of term Beach Party way back in 1995. While the rest of the group of 15 and 16 year olds were enjoying the festivities around the bonfire, you were gathering up discarded beer bottles and highlighting the plight of the dolphins and ocean creatures.
You were living out a green lifestyle before being eco friendly was popular, and have remained true to your conviction. I have no doubt that there are many dolphins who owe their existence to this Earth Mama's unwavering commitment to preserving and protecting our environment." Carrie Bowen (bestie)


Cindy is a former Yachtie and PADI Divemaster, with a great love and passion for the ocean.
Born and raised in South Africa, Cindy's love for travel and adventure took her to all the corners of the globe.

Earth Mama

Cindy met Kiwi husband whilst working on a yacht in Fiji, they got engaged in the snow in New Zealand and married on the beach in South Africa.

Earth Mama

Now a Mama, Cindy is embracing the next adventure of life.

Currently based in New Zealand together with hubby and their little boy. 

 Earth Mama 

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