Stainless Steel Straws - Mix Pack

Caliwoods l Stainless Steel Straws


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Everyday we throw away enough plastic straws that, if joined end-to-end, they would go around the equator of Earth 2.5 times! 
Plastic Never Goes Away. Every single plastic straw that was ever made still exists today in some form. It has just broken down into smaller pieces. Marine life and birds are now mistaking these little pieces for food. They can't digest the plastic in their stomach and end up in a lot of pain. Many birds and fish, even whales, are dying from eating plastic. Plastic has now made its way into the human food chain. 


Reusable, Durable CaliStraws in the New Mixed Pack!

2 x Smoothie Straws

2 x Drinking Straws

1 x Natural Fibre Cleaner Brush


CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

Completely Plastic-Free Product

The CaliWoods Mixed Pack gives you a little bit of eco-goodness from each Straw size in one pack!

Better yet, this is a completely Plastic-Free product. The Cleaner Brush is made from natural fibre bristles and all packaging (including shipping materials!) is completely plastic-free. 


CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

CaliWoods Reusable Straws are really Easy-To-Clean:

  • Rinse after use
  • Dishwasher and Steriliser Safe
  • Cleaner Brush which works for both Straw sizes and goes around the bend of the Drinking Straw


CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

The Eco Details:

  • 2 x Smoothie Straw Size: 21cm high x 0.9cm in diameter
  • 2 x Bent Drinking Straw Size: 21cm high x 0.6cm in diameter
  • 1 x Natural Fibre Cleaner Brush made from Goat Wool and Stainless Steel
  • Type 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel 18/8
  • Thicker Stainless Steel for Durability


CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

How to Responsibly Dispose of Your CaliWoods Products!

End-Of-Life Instructions:

Stainless Steel is a valuable resource and highly recyclable