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All Natural Baby Balm 50g

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Tui Balm Baby Balm 50g

Soothing everyday skincare for Baby and Mama

Over 200 NZ midwives signed up with us to recommend Baby Balm to their new mothers at the recent NZ College of Midwives conference in Auckland.

"My ladies use it for sore nipples, babies dry skin - and as a protective barrier cream to prevent nappy rash... I just love it myself!” – Gaenor Hunter, midwife.


Tui Balms is a certified cruelty-free company by Choose Cruelty Free Limited as the whole product range is not tested on animals.

Baby Balm

Description :

Especially made for baby’s delicate skin. Great for all-over and for baby's bum! Formulated with natural moisturising oils and soothing herbs to nurture and protect sensitive skin.

Uses :

  • Use as a barrier balm to protect babies delicate skin.
  • Can be used with all nappies.
  • For nappy rash, dry skin, and cradle cap.
  • Perfect for baby massage as well.
  • Also for mum's cracked nipples and stretch marks.

Ingredients :

  • Olive oil
  • Certified organic NZ Beeswax
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E
  • Essential Oils of Calendula and Chamomile

All ingredients used in Tui Balms products are either whole substances occurring in nature or they are directly extracted from a whole, natural source.
The beeswax is certified organic NZ beeswax.

Tui Balms products contain nothing that doesn't need to be in there:

No synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, colouring agents, stabilisers, Parabens (aka Parabins) or other chemical additives.

Tui Balms make every effort to ensure that all ingredients are free of genetic engineering and that none of our ingredients are tested on animals.

Recycling of Tui Balms Pots in NZ

Tui Balms pots are made of grade 5 plastic. Many councils around the country provide recycling service for grade 5 plastics. Some councils provide recycling information on their website.

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