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One of the most wasteful plastic products out there is the single use plastic straw! Everyday we throw away enough plastic straws that, if joined end-to-end, they would go around the equator of Earth 2.5 times! 


If that hasn't got you convinced, here are a few more reasons...

1. Plastic Never Goes Away. Every single plastic straw that was ever made, still exists today in some form. It has just broken down into smaller pieces. Marine life and birds are now mistaking these little pieces for food. They can't digest the plastic in their stomach and end up in a lot of pain. Many birds and fish, even whales, are dying from eating plastic. Plastic has now made its way into the human food chain.

2. Stainless Steel is non-leaching; there's no BPA, PVC, lead or phthalates. No more chewing on that petrochemical straw! 

3. They make drinks look ridiculously good. Strong smoothie game, meet stronger smoothie game. Your drinks will look great.

Stainless Steel Straw

CaliWoods Reusable Smoothie Straws are a fresh, new product that allows you to use straws, without the plastic. 

These Metal Straws are incredibly durable. They are made from food-grade #304 stainless steel so are easy to clean, completely dishwasher/steriliser safe and can be used over and over. 

You should choose the SMOOTHIE straw pack if you like to drink thick drinks.

They are made wide (the diameter of the straw is 9.5 mm ) so it's the perfect size for that morning smoothie. If you normally use straws for liquids such as water or juices, head over to the DRINKING straw pack. 


Pack includes :

4 x Stainless Smoothie Straws 9.5 mm in diameter
1 x Large Straw Cleaner Brush.
Features :
  • Made from food-grade stainless steel grade # 304, 18/8 with a 0.5mm thickness.
  • All Smoothie Straws are polished on the outside and finished to perfection.
  • They are completely reusable, durable and built to last!
  • Easy to clean, you can rinse them under the tap after use and then pop them in the dishwasher.
  • All Smoothie Straw packs come with a specialised Large Cleaner Brush, so that you can easily clean the inside of your Stainless Steel Straw.