• PlanetBox Launch Magnet Set
  • PlanetBox Launch Magnet Set


PlanetBox Launch Magnet Set


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These PlanetBox magnet sets are designed for use with the PlanetBox Launch lunchbox.

The magnets are made from a synthetic rubber material that has been certified to be free of toxic materials and are printed with super fun designs that make waste-free lunches a pleasure.

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  • Thin flexible magnets in many different designs
  • Made out of synthetic rubber certified safe of toxins (unlike PVC magnets)

PlanetBox stainless steel lunch box is the easy way to pack a healthy lunch! 

A PlanetBox lunch box guides you in packing a well-balanced, litterless lunch quickly and easily.  

The segmented, bento style, food safe stainless steel PlanetBox serves as a guide for packing a healthy lunch and keeps food separate. 

PlanetBox will help you replace single-use plastic and paper and save money by buying food in bulk.

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