Large Body Brush

Large Body Brush


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This body brush can be used for wet or dry brushing.

It is made with medium bristle sisal fibre and an ergonomic sustainable timber handle. Sisal is a very robust fibre from a cactus species grown in Africa. Our Eco Max sisal comes from Tanzania. The fibres are strong, durable and do not absorb water easily. Unbleached sisal is a golden creamy colour.

Dry brushing has been used for centuries and is a completely natural way to gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells, while increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system to help detoxification.

 Eco Max brushes are ethically handmade in Sri Lanka, complying to the 10 Fair Trade principles, are vegan, and biodegradable and are imported by an endorsed Fair Trader. 

Size: 50x11x7cm