Organic Cotton Comforter - Billie Blue

Kippins NZ - Billie the Bear Blue

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Drums away, it's time for this little bear to dance in the forest under the night sky - Bear comforter toy with a white cross print on a natural blue.

Kippins are designed using simple, bold prints that new babies love! They are soft and gentle on new skin.


Kippins NZ

Kippins are a tribe of friends for hugs and play, perfect to soothe your little one. Let them take you to Kippi, a place that exists in the moments just before you fall asleep.

Designed in Australia. GOTS certified. Ethically produced from the moment the seed meets the soil to your little dreamer's hands! 

Chewing, snuggling, wrapping. It’s high contact stuff. Brand new skin is like a sponge. It’s thinner, more porous and has less defences (like natural oils) to protect it from any nasties present in the environment.

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Care Instructions :

Kippins are machine washable & independently safety tested, both absolute essentials for a comforter for use with your precious little one.

Cold machine wash. Dry naturally or tumble dry very low heat. They all natural so some shrinkage and fading may occur. Warm iron, when needed. Do not bleach.


Size :

29cm x 29cm (main blanket only)