Go Bamboo Cotton Buds

Go Bamboo Cotton Buds

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Go Bamboo Cotton Buds

Made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo stick and natural cotton tip.

Packaged in a recycled cardboard box. 

Box contains approximately 200 x bamboo cotton buds

Bamboo cotton buds are an environmentally friendly and a sustainable alterative to plastic cotton buds. 


  • Go Bamboo products are designed to be disposed of in and around your home.
  • Dispose of cotton buds thoughtfully, preferably in your compost bin. 
  • We aim to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans, on our beaches and in our landfill.
  • Bamboo cotton buds are a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic cotton buds.
  • Your ears clean themselves, - do not insert cotton bud into your ear canal as this can damage the eardrum leading to hearing loss.


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