Colour Our Story - GIFT CARDS (5X PACK)

Colour Our Story - GIFT CARDS (5X PACK)


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Are you a card giver?
If so you might want to consider these beautifully charming creations (drawings and short stories from kids everywhere). The profits go straight back to ensuring more kids around the world receive creative gifts and opportunities where most needed.
We are all about creating more connection, empowerment, empathy, love and joy through the therapy of art, writing and colouring in.
We have range of beautiful cards drawn by children around the world. They are in assorted packs of 5 from different parts of the world. 
 - $20 for assorted pack of 5
- A6 on eco friendly card suitable for colouring in
- recycled envelopes
- no plastic packaging
Countries include New Zealand, Australia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Indonesia (Bali & Sumbawa), Czech Republic, Haiti.

You can colour in the card you're gifting a loved one yourself or leave it uncoloured for them to colour in. The cards are printed on stock that is great for colouring and eco friendly, the envelopes are recycled and there is no plastic used.


ALL FUNDS FROM THIS PURCHASE ARE PASSED ON ENTIRELY TO THE 'COLOUR OUR STORY' MOVEMENT. Here are Earth Mama we are so happy to be involved in such an amazing initiative. 

These beautiful collection of colouring-in books are created by children from all over the world ready for your child to colour in. They'll get to learn about other children's lives from as far afield as Uganda and New Zealand, Haiti and Bali and many others in between.

Please Note: When you purchase a pack of cards - a set will be chosen at random for you. 

(If you have a specific on you are after - please make a comment in notes and we will do our best to match your order to this - but cannot guarantee your request) 


    More About Colour Our Story... 

    Colour Our Story facilitates the creation of colouring-in books by children for children across the World. These books are designed to empower, inspire and create a real sense of connection and global citizenship through the magical powers of storytelling and creativity.

    The Colour Our Story vision is to:

    • create a safe and nurturing space for children to express themselves

    • provide an interactive platform for them to share their own creations and stories with each other across borders and oceans

    • empower children to share their own narratives rather than be defined by their past or current circumstances

    • encourage a strong sense of global citizenship, connection and empathy as they start to explore each other's worlds

      Children are the future but they also have the ability to be changemakers of today, if given half a chance.

      They have the natural ability to believe, influence, inspire and create – create hope, create change and ultimately, create a better future.

    For more information about Colour Our Story, check out