Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

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Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

It's likely that every plastic toothbrush you have ever used is probably still in the world somewhere, as these plastics can take hundreds of years or longer to degrade. The same goes for conventional plastic toothbrush holders and travel cases.

Switching to a bamboo toothbrush travel case is such an easy way to reduce your waste.



Features :


  • Made from sustainable bamboo and is strong and robust
  • Completely packaging-free
  • Has a drainage hole in the top and bottom and a firm fitting cap
  • It can comfortably fit two adult ECO Brushes top to tail to save on space
  • Vegan friendly
  • The ECO Brush bamboo products are heat-pressed, without the use of wax sealants


Disposal :
  • The bamboo travel case is 100% compostable and will biodegrade over time when placed in your home compost.

Bamboo can grow up to 1 metre a day and does not require watering, pesticides or insecticides, making it an organic and sustainable resource.