100% Natural Citronella Incense Sticks

Citronella, Deet Free NZ


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 Non Toxic CITRONELLA Incense Sticks 

Citronella Oil has the innate property of repelling mosquitoes and insects by blocking out the scent that attracts these insects. Formulated with citronella oil, these natural incense sticks are are specially designed to keep you safe from mosquitoes an other insects by repelling them.

These eco - friendly bamboo incense sticks emit a soothing, fresh and lemony fragrance, thereby creating a pleasant non-toxic environment for humans and animus alike.

Contains :
12x Extra Large citronella incense sticks in a cardboard tube


  • Extra Large - 60 cm long sticks 
  • 3-3.5 hour burn time (wind dependent)

    Incense contains essential oils, therefore please take caution when pregnant, breastfeeding and when young children are around.

    ** Please ask for medical advice before burning incense when pregnant **

    ** Always burn incense in a well ventilated area **

    Features :


    • Non-Toxic
    • No child labour used
    • Handmade in India
    • Environment friendly
    • Recyclable Paper Used