Stainless Steel Straws - Mix Pack

Caliwoods l Stainless Steel Straws


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Reusable, Durable CaliStraws in the New Mixed Pack!

2 x Smoothie Straws

2 x Drinking Straws

1 x Natural Fibre Cleaner Brush


CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

Completely Plastic-Free Product

The CaliWoods Mixed Pack gives you a little bit of eco-goodness from each Straw size in one pack!

Better yet, this is a completely Plastic-Free product. The Cleaner Brush is made from natural fibre bristles and all packaging (including shipping materials!) is completely plastic-free. 


CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

CaliWoods Reusable Straws are really Easy-To-Clean:

  • Rinse after use
  • Dishwasher and Steriliser Safe
  • Cleaner Brush which works for both Straw sizes and goes around the bend of the Drinking Straw


CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

The Eco Details:

  • 2 x Smoothie Straw Size: 21cm high x 0.9cm in diameter
  • 2 x Bent Drinking Straw Size: 21cm high x 0.6cm in diameter
  • 1 x Natural Fibre Cleaner Brush made from Goat Wool and Stainless Steel
  • Type 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel 18/8
  • Thicker Stainless Steel for Durability


CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

How to Responsibly Dispose of Your CaliWoods Products!

End-Of-Life Instructions:

Stainless Steel is a valuable resource and highly recyclable